Founded in 1883, our aim has always been to help improve the lives of local young people by providing access to opportunities that can help enhance their personal development. 

OUR key priorities

●      Provide invigorating youth services

●      Promote sport and healthy lifestyles

●      Engage the local community

Whether it’s learning dedication in the boxing ring or new skills in the kitchen, our passionate team of youth work specialists ensure every member gets the most they can from being part of our family. We run a jam-packed diary of weekly events and activities, alongside ongoing projects and one-off workshops that use alternative ways to engage and inspire. 

With a focus on reaching socially excluded and disadvantaged young people, we often partner with other organisations and use our combined resources to: provide programmes that build self-confidence, organise open access recreational and educational activities, and offer exciting sports and outward bound programmes - all in a safe, welcoming environment. 

The community is close to our hearts, and we also provide opportunities for local adults to improve their life skills and the positive impact they can have on the young people in the area. Always looking for new ways to connect, we listen and respond to local people’s needs through surveys, outreach and street work programmes. 


We have a rich and vibrant history that has impacted what the Club is today. The Harrow Club originated as The Harrow Mission Church both funded and designed by old Harrovians from Harrow School. First Missioner William Law recognised the need for provision in the area and set up the mission with the desire to improve the quality of life for local people, aiding harmony and promoting opportunity.

Our connection with Harrow School is something we’re very proud of, and the school community remains an important part of the Club. Boys have traditionally been involved in fundraising for the Club, and many have taken on coaching and supervisory roles into their adult lives.

There are few people who have lived locally, who haven’t been to the club at some point either for sports, or youth and community activities. And we’re confident that the commitment of our staff, trustees, volunteers, and the enthusiasm of members themselves, will ensure that the Club continues serving our community for many years to come.